Prophetess Vercilda J. Brown, is the senior pastor of Total Glory inc.

Prophetess Vercilda Brown was born and raised in the beautiful island of Jamaica, West Indies.

At the age of 17, she moved to New York City, where she lived for over thirty years. Vercilda was a devoted wife to her late husband, Bishop Ronald Brown and the four children from their blessed union.  Vercilda was also a successful business entrepreneur, she owned and operated an ERA franchise in addition to managing several multi- family homes and commercial properties. It was during this time when she developed a special desire to serve the community, helping the homeless, she worked directly with City agencies to help combat the problems of the homeless in New York.

God was preparing Vercilda for ministry during the different seasons of her life. Under the leadership of Bishop Roy Bryant Senior of Bible Church of Christ, Vercilda’s gift of the prophetic began to manifest as the Lord used her in prophesy.  The late Pastor, Charles Sadaphal Sr, of Deeper Life Fellowship Church, appointed her as a counselor, after recognizing the gift of discernment, Vercilda provided spiritual counseling to many that were in need of spiritual guidance.  At Deeper Life Fellowship Church, she began to understand the importance of “spiritual warfare,” taking authority and dominion over principalities.  As a member of New Greater Bethel, under the guidance of late John H. Boyd Sr, she learned the importance of faith without limits, seeding into the kingdom and it was at this time the Lord revealed his plan for her life.

In 2010, Total Glory Inc. was formed, a non-denominational church.  Prophetess Vercilda encourages members to hold on to the word of God, believe without compromise, worshipping God creates the atmosphere for healing, deliverance and miracles to happen.

Prophetess Vercilda,  has obtain an Associate Degree in Pastoral studies from Ohio Christian University.